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Model YH-G1490 Single/Dual-Head Laser Engraving Cutting Machine  

Model YH-G1490 large area laser cutting machine adopts machine tool frame , ensuring the stability and smoothness when carving at a high speed ,the crossbeam uses alloy aluminum of high hardness and processed by special mold ,use high power motor , detachable structure ,easy for transportation , front and back feeding and no limit for the length of the material . Professionally customized for the users in large area cutting industries , construction model , aviation and navigation model , wooden toy , 3-dimension sand table model processing , advertisement and decoration , printing and packing industries.

Control the deepness of engraving by adjusting the output power of the laser , not only can engrave the surface of the material , but also can realize deep carving and cutting , to enrich the effect of the appearance.

ACCESSORIES:high-power smoke-exhausted system , high-power water-cooling system , special used control software , air pump , water pump.

  Professional design ideas , customized for the users in different industries , elegant appearance and practical .

Professional moving control design , adopt advance three-phase stepping motor and good tansmission system , high speed and precision .

Complete function , safe and stable , exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system , to protect the working life of the laser tube effectively .The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the machine to the best .
Electronic control lift platform , easy to feed front and back , easy and flexible to operate , can engrave materials with different heights .
Adopt the aviation light path system , imported linear guide rail , to guarantee the smoothness of the light knife moving and high engraving precision .
Red light positioning system realizes the high positioning without laser .
(Optional)Auxiliary rotary device : process the cylinder object such as cup , brush pot , musical instrument and breakthrough the engraving limit of 2-dimension.

Laser power
80W(100W/130W Laser tube optional)
Size of platform
Engraving area
Appearance size
Engraving speed
Cutting speed
Cutting thickness
Positioning precision
Support file format
Minimum shaping characters
Chinese characters:3.5mm English height:2.5mm
Power of machine
Electric lift platform
Adjustable height:300mm
Auxiliary rotary device
Structure of machine
Power supply  

Exclusively supply dual-head laser machine in china , world-leading level large area engraving , unify optical , mechanism , electronics automatic control , computer control , software and kinds of high-tech ; with two separated laser systems , totally shield , working synchronization , multiple productivity . It features high precision , high speed , firmly , easy to maintain , etc.

°°Laser power °°°°°°°°°°60W×2
°°Laser head °°°°°°°°°°°°Dual
°°Engraving area°°°° 700(×2)×900mm