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PMMA products laser engraving machine and the distinction between sculpture

A distinction: laser cutting carving polishing a complete mechanical twice completed;
     2 distinction, Xizhai delicate parts of places such as squirrels eyes (1 mm in diameter) turning tail, a laser beam can be carved cutting, smooth bright; machinery tool love can help MO;
     3 distinction, only a laser beam diameter of 0.1-0.5 mm, machine tool 20 times its big, waste materials;
     4 distinction, laser speed, cutting 5 mm thick material 1 meter per minute; machinery only 40 centimeters, laser engraving machine speed is 2.5 times;
     5 distinction, laser energy consumption is less than machine engraving machine;
     6 distinction, laser noise-free, pollution-free, high-efficiency mechanical machines noisy; pollution of the environment;

     Therefore, advertising signs, plexiglass industry, the advantages of laser-engraving machines more and more extensive attention.