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Laser Nadiao Principle

In fact, the crafts are usually see is not the real crystal, but man-made crystal. "Laser" is on man-made crystal (also called "crystal glass"), "Nadiao" the most useful tool. Nadiao using laser technology, will be flat or three-dimensional picture. "Sculpture" in the internal crystal glass.

     The sculpture is one of the oldest arts, general carving are carved from the outside, from external material carve out the desired shape, and the laser can be the same as the Monkey King "in-depth hinterland" to display their hands. Carefully inspect, glass, crystal products for not completely around, "Kedao" open access, and on this point, but also sophisticated laser than the Monkey King, Sun monkeys to fall in. When people have a stomach才行gap?

     Laser engraving is also very simple principle. Laser engraving glass can be, it must be greater than the energy density of the glass damage to a critical value, or threshold, and somewhere in the laser energy density in the point and the size of the spot, with a bouquet of laser spot The smaller the place the greater the energy density. In this way, through the appropriate focus, the laser energy density reached into the glass and glass processing zone before the damage below the threshold, and in the hope that the processing of this region is more than the critical value, laser in a very short period of time have a pulse , the energy can be heated in an instant breakdown of the crystal, resulting in a very small white dots, in a glass house scheduled carving out the shape of glass or crystal and the rest of the intact remains intact.