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Laser Engraving cutting tips

With the rapid development of photonics technology, laser engraving technology applications become wider, and increasingly demanding high precision carving. Laser material processing reflects the level of development of the factors in the following three aspects: First, laser technology, laser material processing is applied to the laser device technology and the second is laser equipment for processing machinery, control systems, laser processing equipment; third is the level laser processing technology. Because the laser technology is a very mature technology, the possibility of laser equipment for effective control, and laser processing of a laser engraving technology application bottlenecks.

     At present, domestic specializes in the production of laser engraving equipment manufacturers many of their competition from laser technology to the laser processing equipment and the effective control can effectively address the following questions: Multi-spindle 3D graphics, and high-speed laser scanning caused by the rapid promotion Vibration, scanning and scanning accuracy size format, the synchronization of laser scanning and scanning reciprocating dislocation, complex graphics interpolation algorithm and the rules issue, and has become the key to competitiveness.